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ABC Development Draw

Athlone Boat Club is situated on Elliot Road on the banks of the River Shannon. The boat club has been in existence for over 180 years, is affiliated with Rowing Ireland and has developed into a leading junior boys and girls club. We have current and recent athletes who have competed for club and country with great distinction, winning national and international events. With an almost even split between boys and girls, the club has 80 junior members.

In order for our members to be safe, fit and competitive our facilities need upgrading. The club continues to fund-raise towards the purchase of equipment and our plans to rebuild our clubhouse are at an advanced stage.  


Our three-year development draw is entering its second year and we thank all who participated in year one.   The monthly draw will recommence on June 16th (the day of the Athlone Regatta) and following on monthly from there. Payment details are included below.

Purchase Ticket in Draw


1st: €400 | 2nd: €150 | 3rd: €50

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